Immediately leave the building where the evacuation alarm is sounding. Use the nearest exit.

  • If possible, bring your outerwear.
  • Warn others.
  • Check if somebody needs help.
  • Close doors and windows.
  • Evacuate following the green signs to the closest exit.
  • Do not use the elevators.
  • Go directly to your reassembly point.

Evacuation plan posted in the premises show emergency escape routes and reassembly points. Do not stop directly outside the front doors, go to the assembly point. Do not stand in the way of emergency vehicles. House or zone where the evacuation alarm don´t sound do not need to be evacuated.

Do not return into premises where evacuation alarm is still sounding. Note that there can be some other reason for the Fire brigade to switch off the alarm than that it´s safe to return. Be aware of any information provided by the incident commander. Do not enter the building if it may involve any kind of danger.

Evacuation plans

Evacuation plans are posted in the staircases, where there is information on what to do in case of fire and evacuation routes. Information are also available on these web pages.

Evacuation alarm

Look at and listen to the alarm clock here.