Evacuation practice

Reason for and purpose of evacuation practice

Evacuation practices is held every two years by decision of the Rector *.
Campus management at Polacksbacken therefore organizes evacuation every two years at the Ångström Laboratory including FREIA laboratory and every two years at the ITC area, including "Red villas". These evacuation practices generally are done during the fall semester when many new students are on campus, which then early will come in contact with fire protection issues and have the opportunity to practice evacuation.
Campus management normally advertise these events in advance to the staff, given the different activities opportunity to adjust critical operations or notify the campus management about necessary exemptions and prepare a good training.
To carry out evacuation practice regularly and have an evacuation plan that everyone knows is an important steps in the systematic fire protection. When the alarm sounds, all who are in the building should know how to act, and the best way out. Well trained staff reduces the time for evacuating the buildings and the risk that someone get hurt in a critical situation.
An alarm means that you should get out of the parts of the building where the alarm sounds in the quickest way possible, the cause of the alarm can range from fire to chemical spills and threats, etc.

* With basis in the law 2003:788 and ordinance 2003:789 on protection against accidents, as well as "General recommendations and comments on systematic fire prevention" (SRVFS 2004: 3) published by the Swedish civil contingencies agency, the rector at Uppsala University has decided on "Systematic fire protection work within Uppsala University "(UFV2004: 618), which shows a requirement that evacuation exercise shall be performed regularly. The Security and safety Division at Uppsala University has since clarified that it considers the requirement of regularity met if evacuation exercise is held every two years.