In case of fire

SAVE individuals in immediate danger.

CALL fire rescue by pressing fire alarm button or call 112 (dial 00112 if using a phone connected to the exchange). If the fire alarm sounds, fire rescue is already notified.

When operator answers, inform concisely:

  • Where the fire is
  • What is on fire
  • If there are people confined
  • Who you are

EXTINGUISH fire if possible. If there are gases on fire: Turn off gas valves.

Evacuation is decribed here

Information about the fire precautions

The automatic fire alarm in the buildings is directly connected to the fire rescue. The central gas distribution is automatically turned off at gas-containers when fire alarm starts off.

The evacuation alarm system is divided into zones where every main body of a house constitutes a zone, except for house 1 which is divided in 2 zones. When the fire alarm goes off, it activates the evacuation alarm which consists of alarm bells and flashlights. The evacuation alarm will sound in the same area as the fire alarm and sometimes in nearby zones. Fire doors that separates the different zones, will automatically close to prevent fire and smoke from spreading.

Observe! It is under no circumstances allowed to keep fire doors open by using anything but the dedicated door magnets.

Fire Protection Inspectors are appointed at all departments. 

Sprinklers and fire extinguishers

Almost all spaces at the Angstrom Laboratory are equipped with water sprinklers. The sprinclers set off locally, activated by heat from the fire. Simultaneously the fire alarm is executed and the evacuation alarm sounds in actual zones.

Fire-extinguishers are placed throughout corridors. Please memorize their placing in case of emergency.