Indoor climate

The ventilation is described at the bottom of this page. Information on the warming/cooling system can be found in the house guide from Akademiska hus:

Information from the landlord Akademiska hus

The landlord has a web site with houseguides.

The houseguide describes:

  • Climate settings for offices and classrooms
  • Alarms, fire protection
  • Waste management
  • Parking, bicycle pumps, error reporting etc.

The only houseguide available for Ångström is for house 7, but it can be useful in the other houses as well.


The ventilation is shut off at night and during weekends at Information Technology Center and in parts of Ångström Laboratory in order to save energy.

If necessary: The ventilation can be turned on 2 hours at a time. Just press the button marked: "Förlängd ventilation"

Prolonged ventilation at Information Technology Center

House 1 and 2: The ventilation turns on if you press the button next to the electrical cabinets in the hallway. (If you press the southern button, the ventilation in the southern half of the house will be turned on and vice versa.)

House 4: The ventilation turns on if you press the button next to the toilets in the middle of the house

sign- House 1, 2 and 4 have signs, like the one to the right, next to the ventilation buttons. Translation: 
Ventilation is on work days from 8 to 17.
Any other time it can be started for 2 h at a time by pressing this button.

House 6: The ventilation has to be turned on manually in some of the classrooms. Press and hold the ventilation button for
10 seconds to turn it on. Repeat this procedure when you leave the room in order to shut the ventilation off. Polacksbacken Aula - The Lecture hall - has an automatic ventilation system.

Prolonged ventilation at Ångström Laboratory

The map to the right shows the ventilation buttons in green. They can be found on each floor at Ångström.

In house 1 there is a button:

  • between house 2 and 4
  • between house 4 and 6
  • between house 6 and 8
  • between house 8 and the southern entrance.

In house 2 there is a button in the middle of the corridor.

By pressing the button you turn on the ventilation locally.

Click on the map if you want a pdf download file.

House 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 have constant ventilation.

Temperature and ventilation at Ångström laboratoriet

In case it feels airless it is possible to increase ventilation by lowering the temperature setting slightly.


Temperature and ventilation is controlled at the same regulator that has a temperature scale. There is always a normal airflow that usually is enough. When the temperature of the outbound air rise will the airflow increase gradually until the the maximal flow at 2° over the set temperature.