Rooms for hire

It is possible to hire classrooms, computer halls etc. for conferences and meetings if they´re not reserved for the regular education and if the purpose of the event falls within the university policy frames. Polacksbacken Aula/ Rullan/ House 6 (in the middle of Information Technology Center) is especially suitable for conferences and such, often combined with Pol/6140, Pol/6143, and house 5 (Skrivsalen) for exhibitions. Serving of food and drinks can be arranged  in Rullan/House 6 by some restaurant. Other popular halls are Siegbahnsalen, Häggsalen and Polhemsalen at Ångström Laboratory.

Search for vacancies here: Choose: Type: Premises and write pol in the search square. The bookings are normally shown 6 months in advance depending on the programming. In the summer holidays, from June until the middle of August there are a lot of vacancies.

For more information, contact the Reception.