ITC/4308 Conference room at Information Technology Center


The room is in building 4 on the floor 3. It is an internal room of the Department of Information Technology.
Seats: about 50.

Reservations in the Room

The room is always booked the following times
Thursdays: 9:00 to 10:30 VI2
Fridays: 15:00 to 16:00 DoCS/CSD

Other times is the room staff lounge and can also be reserved via TimeEdit.

Equipment: Projector EB-5650W
Manual and drivers are available from Epson Support

Conference phone with two microphones are available to borrow in the next room, the phone is shared with room 4308.
Phone number of the room: 018 471 6275

Konftel 60w

Connections for computer and phone are in the cabinet. The control panel is above. Pointer is used to get hold of the projection screen.


Furnishing is meant to be adapted to different needs.

Here is a file with standard furnishings as it should be restored to as well as two examples and the opportunity to rearrange in the file.


Wired network

 Instruktion for connection to the wired network is here.