The Ångström Laboratory

When the Angstrom Laboratory was built a great emphasis was put on a good electric environment for personnel as well as equipment. A system of 5 conductors were installed (3 phases + separate neutral and protective earth) where the neutral and protective earth are connected at the same point but separated by high isolation-resistance (250 kohm). In order for this system to work properly it is important to check if the equipment is constructed in the same way regarding neutral, protective earth and isolation resistance before it is connected.

There are several ditribution boxes in the buildings which are all supervised by an operations computer. An error/alarm will be generated if equipment that don't meet the requirements above is connected.

Electric sockets 230V

The permanent sockets are grouped into Standard, Data and UPS (green signs), where the groups are fused separately. Data-sockets are for "sensitive" equipment like computers, UPS-sockets are only for equipment that requires uninterruptible power and Standard-sockets are for all other equipment.

Other sockets

The laboratories and some other facilities have a rail-system assembled at rooftop, and sockets for 1-phase 10A and 3-phase 16A can easliy be mounted on desired spots. These sockets contain automatic fuses and are suitable for all laboratory equipment.

In laboratories, sockets should be preceeded by residual current devices (30mA). It is possible to use sockets with such function built-in. Sockets above 63A should not be installed with residual current devices.


All fuses, except those included in sockets mounted on the rail-system, are stored in closed compartments near the actual rooms. Only personnel from Akademiska Hus have access to these compartments and must be contacted whenever a fuse need to be reset. Either you contact the Porter´s Office who forward your issue to Akademiska Hus, or you contact Akademiska Hus directly via phone, 018 - 68 32 04.

Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in MP