Equipment reserved in TimeEdit

Clickers, amplifiers and hearing loops can be booked in TimeEdit by choosing Utrustningsbokning in the menu. Book from the time you fetch the equipment until it´s scheduled to be returned to the AV-store room. You have to visit Keys and cards at Ångström Laboratory (next to the reception) to get access to the AV-store room on your entry card.

Ångström Laboratory, AV-store room 1012
3 units: RED, GREEN and BLACK with 50 clickers per unit.
Amplifiers 2 units
Hearing loop attachement 2 units
Information Technology Center, AV-store room 2029
2 units: BLUE and ORANGE with 50 clickers per unit.
Amplifier 1 unit
Hearing loop attachement 2 units

Amplifiers and hearing loops:

For further information and management aid, please contact Porter´s Office.

Reservation of rooms and equipment

Personnel log in via:

Students log in via:

Research tools database

More than 100 tools such as lasers, spectrometers and analyzers at Ångström laboratory. Find what you look for in the database by search or sorting the columns.