Clickers a.k.a. mentometers:

We have ResonseCard RF types of clickers from AV-Huset Ljud & Bildteknik Stockholm AB. There is no need for an open space between hand unit and receiving unit for the communication to take place. The range is about 60 meters with a signal in both directions.

  • The software TurningPoint 2008 can be installed from the attached USB-memory. The idea os to use PowerPoint with an extra  menu row.
  • The software TurningPoint AnyWhere can also be installed from the attached USB-memory. It´s a self-contained program.

For further information and the latest software versions, check out the link

There is a USB-receiver (Dongel) attached to every set of clickers.

  • Don´t put the USB-receiver in the computer´s USB-port during installation of the software.
  • Accept preselected alternatives and restart the computer after the installation of the software.
  • Put the USB-receiver in a USB-port: Ready to use!

The program has got help functions and a manual can be downloaded from the web-adress above.

The ResponseCard RF works if a green diode is lit when you press a button. A red diode indicates that the unit doesn´t work.

Reserve this equipment from the time when you fetch it in the store room until you return it to the store room. 
Every booker has to return the units to the AV-store room, room 1012 at Ångström or room 2029 at ITC.
Put broken/non functioning units in the marked container in the AV-store room.