Outgoing goods

Goods, Postal parcel and Express/Courier parcel.

We use PostNord to send goods in accordance with the government agreement.

  1. The goods must be wrapped up well. The sender is responsible for all transport damages due to insufficient wrapping. The Campus Management has a packing table at your disposal.
  2. The sender shall provide all the information and documents required, depending on where the parcel is going and what it contains.
  3. You can leave your parcel together with the forms at the Goods reception if you don´t want to personally hand over the goods to the forwarding agency.
  4. Campus management can help with shipping documents via Pacsoft Online for departments that have agreements.
  5. The department is billed by PostNord.
  6. Talk to the Campus of the appropriate type of transportation. Faster transportation costs more.
  7. Staff at the Information Technology Center can contact their Campus Management Technician for transport to the Ångström Laboratory.
  8. PostNord retrieve packages every day at 16:00
  9. Pallets to be sent must be booked no later than. 14:00 the same day in Pacsoft Online.

Information from Tullverket (The Board of Customs):