Dangerous goods

Postal items containing dangerous goods and chemicals must be accompanied by:

  1. A red form filled in by you: "Shipper´s declaration for dangerous goods". The form can be found in The Goods Reception.
  2. A Material Safety Data sheet - MSDS, can be found in KLARA.
  3. A warning label must be filled in and attached to the item. The Campus Management provides labels.

In order to protect people, environment and property there is extensive legislation on how to handle dangerous goods during tranport. If you lack knowledge of these ruels and regulations, check out the links below:

Dangerous goods is a term for objects, matter and substances of dangerous quality that can cause serious damage to people, environment and property if they´re not correctly treated during transport. The law on dangerous goods transport defines what goes under the term "dangerous goods".

Since goods pass borders there are specific EU laws and international agreements on transport of dangerous goods.