Lunch pack students bring

Information Technology Centre

Food can be heated in microwave ovens and eaten in the common rooms in the basement of building 1 and 2 at Information Technology Centre and at UTH-gård (building 73). There is also a few tables in hallways that may be used if you keep them clean. A third possibility to find a seat is on floor 5 in building 1 and 2.

Ångström Laboratory

There are microwave ovens in the common rooms in the basement in house 1. Check out the common room page.

Food council

In the area there is a group that meets once a semester to improve services. The group includes the area restaurant managers, staff from the departments and the UTN cafe manager. Do you have a tip or question about the food mail Roland Grönroos.

The food council  Receives comments via a survey available through the internal page.



The shortest way to Polhemsalen (Polhem hall) at Ångström Laboratory is by the southern entrance, but the main entrance in the north works as well.

There is OH, computer projector, document camera, stationary mikes, headset mike, blackboards, whiteboards and stationary hearing loop in the hall.

Polhemsalen is named after Christopher Polhem (1661-1751). He was a student at Uppsala University who became an inventor and an industrialist.