Welcome to Polacksbacken

Campus Polacksbacken consists of Information Technology Center (ITC) and Ångström Laboratory. Campus is situated in the beautiful surroundings at Polacksbacken, 3 km south of the center of Uppsala. It has 20% of all employees, 26% of all Phd:s and 26% of all students at Uppsala University. High quality research is carried out in physics, information technology, chemistry, mathematics and material science. Future scientists and ingeneers study in an environment close to the research. The buildings at Polacksbacken are 75 500 m2 in area and that is 20% of all the university buildings in Uppsala.

Information technology center is situated in the former military complex. Research in Algorithms, Programming, Database Design, Computer Architecture, Human-Computer Interaction, Automatic Control, Image Analysis and more is carried out here. In addition to this there are research centers for IT-users in Sweden NITA, Parallel Computer Systems UPMARC and High Performance Computing UPPMAX at Information Technology Center.

The majority of Polacksbacken`s teaching premises is found at Information Technology Center, and the student life is vibrant.

Just a few minutes walk south of the former military complex you find the modern Ångström Laboratory. Research in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Engineering Sciences is carried out here and an example of important research areas is Energy Research. Ångström is one of Europes most advanced laboratories in Materials Science. It also contains the largest clean room in Scandinavia.


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