The service within Polacksbacken is given by separate units with fields of responsibility and personnel of their own.

  • The Campus Management provides service within a variety of fields, such as a good reception of visitors, students and personnel through the Reception and the Porter's Office.
  • The management of the premises (heating, cooling, electricity, painting etc.) is the responsibility of Akademiska Hus. Ask the Campus Manager if you wan´t to know more.
  • The IT/computer service is mainly executed by the departments/units at Campus Polacksbacken.
  • The Cryo Centre delivers Liquid Nitrogen (LN) and Liquid Helium (LHe) to internal and external customers.
  • Lunch can be eaten in common rooms/personnel rooms or in one of the restaurants.
  • Ångström Workshop manufactures and modifies equipment. It also assists education and research with its knowledge.
  • Ångström Library is a special library for Astronomy, Physics, Information Technology, Mathematics, Materials Chemistry and Technology.