Cryo centre

The Cryo centre is situated in the Freia laboratory at Ångströmlaboratoriet. The entrance is directly from the southern parking lot. A bell and phone number is available by the door.

Cryo centre is open workdays kl 8.00 - 12.00. If you wish to pick up the same day (before 12 noon), you must hand in the vessel before 9:00.

Helium delivery must be ordered in advance.

For orders and other questions, please contact Cryo-center at FREIA- laboratory via or cryo-mobil nr +46-72 999 90 90.

Opening hours during Christmas and New Year 2018-2019

Delivery of liquid nitrogen

  • Dec 24 – Jan 1 Closed
  • Jan 2 Open 8.00 – 9.00
  • Jan 3-6 Closed

Delivery of liquid helium

  • Dec 24 –Jan 6 Closed

If you have any problems with these opening hours, please contact
- 072 999 90 90

Liquid Nitrogen

The liquid nitrogen is stored outside Freia laboratory. 


Liquid helium

We have equipment for production of liquid helium as well as a storage vessel which holds 2 000 litres.


Cryo centre information to staff in medarbetarportalen.