ITC/Aula (The Lecture Hall)

ITC Aula (The Lecture Hall) is in house 6 at Information Technology Center, Lägerhyddsvägen 2, Uppsala. It holds 300 seats and is fully equipped for picture show (overhead, dia, computer, slide, TV and video/DVD).

The high class audio equipment can be used with hand microphones aswell as stationary and handsfree mikes, CD, radio, Video/DVD and hearing loop. TV and computer can also be connected but are not stationary equipment in the Lecture Hall.

There are Blackboards and Whiteboards.

Room ITC/6140 nearby has the equipment of a classroom and is often used for catering.

A plan for ITC Aula (The Lecture Hall) can be ordered from the Campus Manager.

Here´s an instruction on how to manage the equipment in the Lecture Hall